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Reflections on Policymaking.

Reflections on Planning in Pakistan

A frequent question is why I was not able to transform the country in my job as the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission?

Those who raise this question often seem to think that making good things happen is only a matter of giving the right orders. I call this the restaurant model of development. Like food you can order development off a menu.

However, this is a complex question deserving of not just an answer but a serious discussion of how policy is made, what policy is and should be and why despite many announcements success eludes Pakistan?

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on these issues and do have some views and would certainly like to discuss them.

To begin with let us review how our government works. In all governments there is a power grab by ministers, agencies, PM and president, not to mention the vested interests who are constantly trying to capture the government. Policy decisions are arrived at through a long and convoluted…