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The Modi Visit!

Let me begin by stating my fervent hope that PM Modi visit will be a genuine breakthrough to peace between India and Pakistan. Like many others I want an end to a long conflict.We must find peaceful means to properly negotiate an end to this conflict. Let me also state that I am out of my depth. I am a mere economist and cannot talk as eruditely on all subjects as many TV commentators. They have the gift and the education to talk on any and all subjects. I only have questions on the professionalism of Pakistan (Foreign office, PM office etc) in handling this affair and nothing on the foreign policy aspect of this profound visit. I hope that our polymath commentators will enlighten us all on the visit and address some of m questions. Question 1: Assume Putin was in the air, and called up Obama to say that I would like to drop in to meet your family. What is the likelihood this meeting would happen? Question 2: Obama says “Great Idea! I am sitting in my house in Chicago and it is Sasha’s…