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Get the basics right!

This is a term that my friend Meekal used with me today. All we need is get the basics right! Others around the table also yelled, “it is not rocket science!” All we need is “Get the basics right!”

My question “what are the basics?” was drowned out! We all know what the basics are without actually talking about it. This is how economics is done in Pakistan.

With persistence I found out what the basics were.
· Get inflation down
· Increase revenues
· Increase exports
· Increase growth

Makes it easy! Does it not!

We wish all the good things and call it economics.

For sixty years Plan after Plan as wished for these good things, increase production, increase growth, increase exports. It is just so sad that the economy will not listen to these economists and deliver all good things like production, growth and exports. And not to forget that all this must happen with low inflation.

Of course we must keep asking for more revenues and every discussion must not well-worn examples of the rich not paying …

Pak Energy Problem is Governance Issue

Courtesy Ali Kemal:
The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) on Friday released a list of Federal, Provincial Government Departments & Autonomous bodies which owed the company Rs1575.23 million and issued them final notices. Here is the list of defaulters; (it speaks for itself---or it would be nice if could collect some nice comments)! TOP DEFAULTERSARREAR LIST OF TOP 200 Private & Government (Active & disconnected) consumers AS ON 28-02-2010AS ON 28-02-2010SR.NAME AND ADDRESSAMOUNT OF ARREARSTATUSAGE (MONTH)1ITTEFAQ FOUNDRIES LTD KOT LAKHPAT LHR40,436,412.00852PAKISTAN RAILWAY POWER HOUSE MOGHALPURA LAHORE25,770,008.0033