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Design v. Implementation

At many conferences there is a refrain that “Research and inquiry is not necessary, we know it all. We need to act and not think.” Alternatively, “we know it all! The only problem is that no one will implement what we are suggesting.”
I found this very disturbing.
So I asked a few of these loud implementers "what is it that you want to implement?"
They point to some donor report. This raises a number of issues that need to be understood and discussed.
Do we assume that
•All donor recommendations are excellent and can be fully implemented off the shelf? •All donor consultants who completed those reports are of the best quality? •All donor consultants know all local conditions? •All solutions can be borrowed there is no local innovation possible? •There is no need for a domestic review, critique or discussion of this excellent work?
Let us count some donor successes for these people •Social Action Program which the Bank itself would like to forget •The foreign currency debacle that the b…