VVIP Culture

Will the court curtail VVIP movements or take down walls that have been built to block off roads For VIP protection?

My vote is "no"! Courts too, are beneficiaries of the VVIP culture. They will not stand up for law.

The VVIP culture has destroyed the country....but not the will of the VVIPs. They like their privilege and they will not give it up without a fight.

Please vote below!

This is what Daily times wrote today

VVIP movement challenged in high court

LAHORE: Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court (LHC) will hold preliminary hearing of a petition challenging the blocking of roads and stopping of traffic during VVIP movement, on March 8. Advocate Shafqat Mahmood Chauhan moved the petition, contending that law enforcement officials blocked roads during VVIP movement, causing traffic jams and problems for commuters and the public in general. He said that different government departments had already barricaded the service lanes in front of their offices for security purposes, “which is a violation of the fundamental rights of citizens”. He stated that a baby was recently born in a rickshaw in Quetta since the road had been blocked because of President Asif Ali Zadrari’s visit to the city. He said dignitaries could not be given preference over the masses “as all are equal under the constitution”. He asked the court to order the authorities to immediately open all service lanes and restrain them from blocking roads during VVIP movement. staff report

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