More on Perks and Expenditures

I have always argued that for Pakistan’s survival it must look into expenditures and especially those wasteful perks that are totally unmonitorable.

Today in the Daily Times, there was more evidence provided on wasteful expenditure in government by Ali Ahmed Talpur. He provides this data.

  • · The expenditure on the staff and household of the president has risen from Rs 75 million in 1999 to Rs 390 million now, i.e. three crore rupees monthly.
  • · The horde of ministers, advisers and special assistants who cost the exchequer Rs 24 million then, now cost Rs 3 billion. In 1999, total expenses for the National Assembly were Rs 250 million but now only the travelling, conveyance and air-ticket allowances are Rs 645 million.
  • · The prime minister was allocated Rs 958 million, or Rs 80 million a month, for 2008-09’s foreign travels alone, but ended up spending Rs 1.2 billion or Rs 10 crore monthly.
  • · From September 2008 to March 2009, the president’s travels cost over Rs 230 million.
  • · On reinforcing security at the President House, Rs 200 million were spent and for the personal residence Rs 40 million.
  • · In just four months in 2009, senators’ foreign trips cost the exchequer Rs 22 million.

He also notes that in contrast, “Only Rs 180 million would be needed to provide toilets and water taps for the country’s 70,000 schools devoid of these basic facilities.

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