Pakistanis pay taxes; Blame tax policy and administration

Pakistanis are paying a lot of tax contrary to the propaganda of donors. 

The mess that is tax policy has been created by decades of poor policymaking and administration that has been supported by bad technical assistance of donors.

Dr. Ikramul Haq and Huzaima Bukhari leading Tax lawyers and tax policy experts talk to us about how badly this area needs implication and clarity. Rather than follow complications of donor consultants, they put forward home-grown reforms for the simplification fo tax policy and administration. They show hue gains in revenue are possible by following simplification and a clear policy and cleaning out tax administration. This is in sharp contrast to the tax advocacy of donors where the system is further complicated and all Pakistanis are painted as tax cheats. 

it is time we started listening to some good local experts rather than donor consultants who have created this mess. 

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