Raza Rumi is spot on on AID

"Thus far, there is little evidence to suggest that the US assistance has been pipe lined through meaningful and constructive engagement with the elected representatives who despite their lack of experience, unfamiliarity with development jargon and history of corruption are better placed than the usual suspects. The big, fat contracts currently floating in the development marketplace are scary to look at for more of the same has been undertaken in the past by other multilateral and bilateral saviours of Pakistan. Billions of dollars poured in after 2001 to improve Pakistan's governance and at the end of the day it has been civil action movements that have made noticeable impact on the governance culture. Similarly, massive injections of aid in the agricultural sector have been made with little or no results. There is no question that the drafting of strategies and roadmaps is vital for us. But there is absolutely no point in letting consultants write fancy documents what the local actors ought to be doing themselves. "

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