I deserve to be PM too: have all the qualifications!

Amer Durrani, a bright young Pakistani entrepreneur/professional wrote this and wanted it published and discussed. 

Why? that should be obvious.

"I am a Pakistani. I believe that I am special. I have no dignity. I have no shame. I have no principles. I feel righteous and obligated to only my own beliefs. I know what is right for everybody. I am a slave to tradition. I find common good and social courtesies outside my belief system to be alien concepts. I am a “free-loader”. I do not want to work for a living, let alone work hard. I want to score one big deal and make all the money I need. I maybe dying of hunger but will shirk work as I believe the society should feed me. I treat authority with contempt except my own. I believe that slaughtering anybody in the name of my beliefs is ordained. I am above all law as I believe in Allah! I believe that anyone who does not share my belief system has no rights. I have no concept of what is a public office. I want power, righteously or otherwise. I do not like sharing power. I do not value anybody’s life and consequently unknowingly do not value my own either! I believe in miracles. I have no desire to learn. I have no desire to understand. I therefore do not value education. I could go on and on, but you got an idea. You know where I am going with this. I therefore think I can do no wrong. I have never done any wrong. I deserve to be a Pakistani. I deserve being the Prime Minister, in fact!"

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