Really! Who does need a prime minister? another one by Amer Durrani

In fact, do we even need a cabinet? Or, an assembly? Note that I am not saying, if we need a government. Coming back to these “political folk”! All they seem to be investing their nights and days in, is their own survival. Not in the survival of Pakistan. That be damned! Interesting how pressing matters and decisions go on a back burner. One day we need to have decisions yesterday and the next day we can wait for days. Politicians, well almost all of them, seem to be engaged in ‘Sisyphusian’ battle of daily toil—or even worst, actually believing that their toils are genuine and that this is the last roll up the hill! I think Anatol Lieven needs to supersede “Pakistan: a hard country” with “Pakistan: a baffling country”. It runs on its own. A country that is running on prayers of a few, and sacrifices of the dead. It is, definitely, not running due to this bunch of thugs—sorry, politicians! “Sadiq” and “Amin”! Come on who coined this? We, if we are an Islamic thought, are supposed to be lead by those who lead us by the Quran! Not by those who are judged on some words which have a million interpretations. Thus, the confusion, my countryfolks. Thus, the conundrum. Bad Ass India and RSS Modi. Flailing and wailing baby Ghani! Taliban and ISIS. Internecine sectarian and ethnic warfare. Dying Kashmir. The looming Trump Tower. Drying country, dying exports, waning forex reserves, raping punchaiyats, fleeing elites. No water. No energy. No anything. What the hell! The headlines still scream politics at you. I understand media—they need ratings. I understand politicians—they are thugs! What I don’t understand is us, the people. Why do we fall for this “hook line and sinker” every time? Don’t give me the Karl Marx version. Just tell me, who needs a prime minister? For, I just looked around, and damn! What a beautiful country! What a brave common folk, I see around, struggling, moving and shaking Pakistan. Who needs a prime minister.

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